Program and Policies

Audacious Security Services, Inc. formulates and adopts sound programs and policies to sustain its focus in building a customer-oriented agency.

Foremost among these programs and policies are the recruitment and selection of qualified/competent personnel, the improvement of the existing employee force, the motivation system which can strengthen employee morale and effectiveness, the granting of satisfactory compensation and benefits, and the development of harmonious relations between management and the employee force.

ASSI believes that its success depends, to a very great extent, on its employee force – that only with carefully selected employees can it maintain its competitiveness in the industry.  Hence, the company’s recruitment procedure starts with the most exhaustive screening and background check.  This means that in order to pre-qualify, an applicant must submit, among others, the following documents and test results:

1.Neuro-psychiatric examination from accredited testing center
2.Clearances from the –
a)National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
b)Philippine National Police (PNP)
d)Previous employer(s), if any
3.Drug test result
4.Court Clearance
5.X-ray/medical certificate
6.High school/college diploma


ASSI’s continuing education program which complements its selection process includes the continuous refresher training, retraining programs, special seminars, On-the-job Training, membership in professional organizations and target shooting/marksmanship training sessions.

Periodic appraisal of work performance through the Quarterly Performance Evaluation Survey is conducted and accomplished by clients’ representatives to determine clients’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction and to identify areas/points for recommendation or improvement.

Day and night inspectors are assigned to monitor the discipline and performance of deployed employees on a daily basis and to furnish ASSI with written reports regarding the results of their inspections.  Violations against company and/or client rules and regulations, policies and procedures are given corrective/preventive disciplinary actions while a job well done is given commendations and rewards.

Promotion from within or from the ranks is based on factors such as seniority, educational attainment, and performance history.  Normally, the company does not recruit another employee for a higher position but consider those from its existing pool of employees.