Employee Benefits

To encourage employee effectiveness, efficiency and loyalty,  ASSI grants employee benefits, among these are: 

1. Timely payment of salaries and wages in accordance with the   Minimum Wage Law (that is, every 5th and 20th of each month);
2. P30,000.00 Group Life Insurance coverage;
3. Comprehensive Pension/Retirement Plan;
4.13th month pay;
5. 5 days leave incentive pay;
6. Free uniforms and shoes (annual);
7. Free marksmanship training or target practice (annual);
8. Free seminars for security personnel;
9. Free medical consultation and check-up by company physician;
10. Granting of commendations and rewards on company’s yearly anniversary;
11. Up-to-date & 100% remittance of SSS, HDMF & Philhealth contributions, loan amortizations and withholding tax;
12. Death benefits from Audacious Mutual Benefit Association (AMBA), a mutual benefit association of all ASSI personnel;
13. Christmas giveaways like groceries, bags or T-shirts;
14. Tuition fees for Retraining Course are advanced by the company,  deductible from guards’ pay within four (4) months;
15. Security paraphernalia and supplies are made available at ASSI office at   cost, charged and deducted from guards’ pay in installment terms;
16. Rice and groceries can be purchased on account by our guards from our affiliate, collected from them on an installment basis, and
17. Availability of credit lines (equivalent to one month salary) from Unibond Credit Corporation, an affiliate company, payable in  four (4) months with a  minimal and affordable interest.