Code of Conduct

The  Code  of  Conduct  is   the  way  the guard should conduct himself in the actual performance of his duty.

1) He  shall  carry  with  him  at all  times  during  his  tour  of duty his license, identification card and duty detail order with an authority to carry firearm.

He  shall  not use  his license and other privileges if any,  to the prejudice of the Public, the  clients or customers and his agency.

He  shall  not  engage in any unnecessary conversation with anybody except in the  discharge  of  his  duties  or  sit  down  unless required by the nature of his work and shall at all times keep himself alert during his tour of duty.

He  shall  refrain from reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc., while actually performing his duties.

He  shall  not  drink  any  intoxicating  liquor, immediately before and during his tour of duty.

He  shall  know the location of the fire alarm box near his post and to sound the alarm in case of fire and disorder.

He shall know how to operate any fire extinguisher at his post.

He shall know the location of the telephone and/or telephone numbers of the police  precincts as well as the telephone numbers of the fire  stations  in the locality.

He  shall  immediately  notify the police in case of any sign of disorder, strike, riot or any serious violations of the law.

He or his group of guards shall not participate or integrate any disorder, strike, riot or any serious violations of the law.

He shall assist the police in the preservation and maintenance  of peace and order and in the protection of life and property having in mind that the nature of his responsibilities is similar to that of the latter.

He  shall  familiarize  himself  by heart  with  the  PRIVATE  SECURITY AGENCY LAW       (RA5487) as amended and  these implementing rules and regulations.

When issued a Firearm he should not lend his firearm to anybody.

He shall always be in proper uniform and shall always carry with HIM his basic requirements and equipment such as writing notebook, ballpen, night stick (baton) and or radio.

He shall endeavor at all times, to merit and be worthy of the trust and confidence of the agency he represents and the clients he serves.